The normal therapy is based on western school medicine. A lot of medication and highly modern instruments are used. The therapy is frequently experienced as stressful and changes the everyday life. It is connected to big hopes and expectations and can be a burden for you and your relationship. As a balance to that, I want to offer you acupuncture.

The goal of acupuncture is to balance out the organism and to restore the harmony between body and mind and its environment. That way, the best conditions for the occurrence of a pregnancy are met. First scientific studies now prove the positive effect of acupuncture on pregnancy and live birth rates as a balance to the standard therapy.

Practical application of an acupuncture treatment

The acupuncture accompanying the therapy consists of three treatments total:

The first treatment takes place within the scope of an ultrasound examination, the second directly after the embryo transfer/insemination and the third a few days later, when the embryo is expected to implant.

Each treatment takes about 30 minutes. I suggest loose, comfortable clothing.

Despite its beneficial effects acupuncture is, unfortunately, not covered by public health insurance. We charge 45€ per treatment.

Naturally we also offer a completely individual treatment according to your wishes.

Berthold Oels.