We offer you the option of counseling before undergoing a chemo- or radiotherapy within the scope of the „Network FertiProtekt“, to take measures for the conservation of your fertility. Chemo therapy or the radiation of your lower abdomen can lead to a severe reduction of fertility.

We have successfully been cryopreserving men’s sperm for a very long time.

Now, there are effective methods for women as well:

After a short stimulation of the ovaries, the unfertilized egg cells can be extracted and cryopreserved for many years.

On top of that, even cryopreservation of parts of an ovary has become possible. We offer this together with our cooperation partner, the Universitätsklinik Bonn.

Social Freezing

For a lot of women, getting pregnant during their optimal reproductive age is not a possibility. That can be due to not having found a partner yet, or general planning of the future.

It is however important to consider that the number and especially the quality of egg cells diminish drastically with rising age, decreasing the chances of having a child of your own with every year.

For these women social freezing is a possibility of conserving their fertility. A stronger follicle growth is induced by a controlled stimulation of the ovaries, after which the egg cells are extracted in a short ambulant procedure. These can then be cryopreserved and stored in liquid nitrogen. During this time the egg cells‘ metabolism is halted and they stop aging. They can be thawed and transferred after successful fertilization at a later point in time.